A splash of Zest helps Pave the Way to Gular

The newest Art Festival on the scene hit a home run with its inaugural event Pave the Way to Gular in April.  Zest Artists Jenny McCracken,Rudy Kistler and M.D. Andi Mether were there to help lay the foundations for what promises to be a fabulous regular event on the street art calendar.

Jenny ticked an artistic goal off her bucket list and created a massive 22m high 3d mural on the Gulargambone water tower. Visit Gulargambone now, and you will see this tall cool glass of water rising over the local footy ground.

Lucky Dip by Jenny McCracken, Gulargambone

Her design ‘Lucky Dip’ highlights the importance of water as an essential resource and the struggle over its allocation. A concept which is very pertinent to this small community currently in the grip of drought.

The massive McCracken water tower at Gulargambone is now part of the wider Silo Art trail spreading its way across the Australian landscape.

Rudy’s mural can be found running the length of Ferguson’s Corner Store. ‘The Great Wave of Wheat’ is a nod to Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ and the agricultural landscape found around Gulargambone.

Great Wave of Wheat by Rudy Kistler, Gulargambone

A hop, skip and a jump toward the local school and you will find the 3D chalk artwork Rudy created with the help of the local school children to involve them in the Festival.

Rudy even found the time to create this little 3d guy to entertain the crowds visiting over the Festival weekend.

The town of Gulargambone is located smack bang in the middle of the sheep-wheat belt of NSW, and like many small country towns, has been slowly declining.  The introduction of 10 renowned street artists has not only given the town a facelift and a reason for tourists and locals to stop and look around, but has also lifted the spirits of the local farming community.

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Jenny McCracken with Lucky Dip at Gulargambone