Autumn Chalk Mural by Rudy Kistler

Springetts – patron of the chalk arts

Remember that childhood feeling, the one where you’re on your way to visit your favourite place? There’s a feeling of anticipation, you’d look eagerly around to see what’s new, what’s changed, and then there’s a rush of pleasure and excitement as you spot something new and head off explore it. Springetts Arcade in Bowral is […]

Santa in Ballarat by Anton Pulvirenti

Deck the malls of Ballarat with festive street art

Forget the traditional Santa photo, you know, the one where you spend your precious pre-Christmas moments struggling with your terrified child, in a lineup with other screaming kids, all waiting for their turn to cry on Santa’s knee… there has to be a better way. Introducing – Ballarat’s 3D Street Art Christmas! Ballarat City Council […]

Jenny McCracken with Lucky Dip mural in Gulargambone

A splash of Zest helps Pave the Way to Gular

The newest Art Festival on the scene hit a home run with its inaugural event Pave the Way to Gular in April.  Zest Artists Jenny McCracken,Rudy Kistler and M.D. Andi Mether were there to help lay the foundations for what promises to be a fabulous regular event on the street art calendar. Jenny ticked an […]

Jenny McCracken 3d artwork for Maroochydore

Add a 3rd dimension to your shopping experience

Is your centre a little commonplace? Does your arcade feel arduous? Do you wish your plaza had more pizzazz? Here are 3 ways we are working with shopping centres to enhance their fun-factor and add a little magic back into the shopping experience: 1. Get involved: 3D art is interactive 3D artworks are a great way to […]

Clown head detail by Jenny McCracken

Zombies captured in 3D at Luna Dark

Zombies clawing their way out of a crypt, Colonel Sanders eating a bucket full of brains, freaky clown heads leering… stay steady on the tightrope if you can! Our 3D installation ‘Carnival in the Crypt’ was created for Luna Dark 2017, Luna Park Melbourne’s spook-tacular Halloween weekend! Visitors to the park were treated to a […]

gala dinner in brisbane organised by Zest Events

Dazzling evening celebrates partnership @ COBA 2017

Guests at the 2017 CGU Partner Dinner were treated to a five star dinner and captivating performance by Katie Noonan at the beautiful Brisbane City Hall. For the past 11 years Zest’s MD, Andi Mether has had the pleasure of working with CGU Insurance to deliver a memorable experience for their partners at the annual COBA Conference. […]

Artist Jenny McCracken paints gouldian finches in mural

Mayor declares 3D Mural a Flight of Fancy

The unique beauty of the Savannah Way has been captured in this new permanent mural ‘Flights of Fancy’ by Artist Jenny McCracken in Mareeba, Far North Queensland. Mural Artist Jenny McCracken with her finished work. Photo by Jen Frei. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Jenny McCracken was sitting on a ledge, when in fact […]

Youth mural workshop with Anton Pulvirenti in Forbes

Teens free Giant Goanna in Country NSW

As you are walking the streets of Forbes in central western NSW, one of the last things you expect to see is a giant lizard emerging from the wall in front of you. The newly installed 3D mural is a Wiradjuri-inspired Goanna bursting out of its prehistoric landscape into the quiet country street. Created by Zest […]

The Sentinels (rabbits) charcoal drawing by Anton Pulvirenti

Anton Pulvirenti explores the migrant experience in international exhibition

Anton Pulvirenti’s latest exhibition is currently showing in Singapore’s leading contemporary art space –  the REDSEA Gallery. As the grandson of an Italian migrant interned as an enemy alien in South Australia during WWII, Anton has drawn on his families experience for this new collection of works. The collection of 16 charcoal drawings is part of […]

Permanent mural for Manatee exhibit Arnhem by Jenny McCracken

Zest OS – Australian 3D Artists on tour

It’s often when we’re working overseas that we get to trial new ideas to bring back home.  Winter of 2017 saw Rudy Kistler in Japan, exhibiting 3d anamorphic artworks at MDP Gallery in Tokyo before travelling to Olney, Illinois to create a massive 50m wide x 6m high street art mural.  He’s currently working on […]