Water Fountain promotional art by Anton Pulvirenti

Chalk Art fights the War on Waste

Councils across Sydney are using chalk art as they promote sustainability and encourage the community to live a low-impact lifestyle. The war on waste is real and Sydney’s booming population is a major player. Councils have a huge role to play in managing this impact. In Sydney the big issues being tackled are urban litter, […]

Mural workshop with Anton Pulvirenti and New horizons and Citibank employees

Best day at work ever! Team mural delivers lasting results

It’s a great day when you come home exhausted yet exhilarated from a day at work. That’s how everyone felt after the day at New Horizons reinvigorating their head office workshop. New Horizons partnership manager Kim Gracey was the brains-trust behind the day which was a joint effort between their supported employees team alongside volunteers […]

Baby orangutan mural Benalla Jenny McCracken

Mural with a message – Beneficiaries of the palm oil estates

Zest Artist Jenny McCracken delivered a powerful call to action at the Benalla Wall To Wall Festival with her street art mural “Beneficiaries of the Palm Oil Estates”. As a feature artist for this years festival, Jenny wanted to demonstrate the power that art has to communicate a message and invoke an emotional reaction in the […]

Anton Pulvirenti @ Wall to Wall Festival, Benalla

Zest adds colour to 2017 Benalla Wall to Wall Festival

Five Zest Artists were invited to participate in this years Wall to Wall Festival in Benalla, VIC. Dubbed the ‘Street Art Capital of Australia’, Wall to Wall Festival attracts premier street artists from all over the world to create murals in the small rural city located 2.5 hours north of Melbourne, and our artists were thrilled […]

Explore Ex-Libris Rudy Kistler Benalla Wall2Wall Festival 2017

Novel approach to 3D art in Architecture

If you are a reader, you know that each new book you begin offers you an opportunity to explore new places, ideas and experiences. When Zest Artist Rudy Kistler was a kid, the place to find these opportunities was at the local library.  Years later, Rudy has been able to capture that spirit with his latest piece […]

chalk art coffee clouds

Commissioned artworks by Zest

Designing a new building, remodelling your current space or simply searching for a new look? Whether you are in an office, your home, a hotel or in a large commercial building; the feel of your space is important. You, your staff and your clientele are all influenced by the mood and value you place in the space […]

Egyptian mummies at Powerhouse Museum

Egyptian Mummies unearthed in Sydney

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum has become an archaeological site over the last few months. Egyptian mummies and other artifacts have been unearthed at the entrance to the museum. It’s all part of a 3-phase project promoting the world premiere exhibition ‘Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives’.  The mummies, Egyptian cats and artifacts are anamorphic chalk art drawings created […]

Photo 11-09-2016, 3 57 12 PM

Steampunk Insects emerge from Toowoomba’s Grand Central

Peek over the rail of the atrium in Toowoomba’s Grand Central shopping precinct and you will see enormous steampunk insects and stained glass window butterflies alighting from beneath the tiled floor. The 3D illusion is Zest Artist, Jenny McCracken’s take on nature-inspired urban design and is part of QIC’s vision to create a magnetic destination for the Toowoomba […]

GC2018 Kids on 3D diving board

GC2018 launch makes a splash

GC2018 “Heights rarely seen” is an exciting 3D illusion created by Zest artist Anton Pulvirenti.  The 3D artwork was created in our Sydney studio for Habitat Media, it was unveiled at a Surfers Paradise launch event in January. The artwork will travel Australia as part of the promotional activities in the lead-up to the Games. Australian diving […]

construction workers and tunnel borer

White Night shines a light on the Metro Tunnel

Thousands of visitors to White Night donned construction gear and lined up to enter Metro Tunnel’s ‘Under Construction’ 3d excavation site.   The artwork gave thousands of attendees of the iconic White Night event a playful window into the construction of the Metro Tunnel in Melbourne’s CBD. The Metro Tunnel – Under Construction 3D illusion […]