3D Chalk Art – 3D Street Painting

3D chalk art and 3D street painting are also known as street art, pavement art, anamorphic perspective, optical illusions, chalk drawings and sidewalk art.

Create awareness by using 3D art as the medium for your message.  3D Chalk Art is interactive & entertaining; people love to see the works created and to pose in them for photos when they are complete.

3D chalk art is traditionally produced directly on the ground but can also be created on wall and floor surfaces.  Images & footage of the artwork continue to spread your message online well after the work has been washed away. Artworks can be sealed to last or painted to make permanent. We also produce artworks on canvas and other surfaces so they can be used at multiple events and on indoor surfaces.

Experiential Marketing – Touring Artworks

3D illusions can be produced directly on the ground, on canvas, or other surfaces.  When canvas  is used the artworks can be used for multiple events.  Posing in 3D artworks for photos is engaging way to interact with your audience and extend your campaign online to reach a larger audience.

See more examples of 3D chalk art in our Portfolio where you will also find examples of Murals, Live Art and other services we offer.

Headlining at Festivals and Events

Chalk art is a crowd-stopper.  It’s a great choice for festival programs.  3D chalk art can be supported with public art workshops and competitions.

Chalk Workshops

Our artists teach chalk art to kids of all ages!

View more examples of chalk art, permanent public art and other workshops in our Portfolio

Chalk The Walk

Chalk The Walk is a pavement art program that can be added to your festival or event.  Chalk The Walk includes a hero 3D artwork created by a leading artist, chalk art workshops, and a one-day pavement competition.

Chalk The Walk has been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Surfers Paradise and Cairns.

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3D Chalk Art is:

People come back to see the progress of the work. Artists are happy to answer questions and promote your message.

People enjoy watching artists at work.

Create awareness
We can work with you to develop a concept and strategic marketing plan that incorporates digital media to promote your message and is easily used across your social media platforms.

PR savvy
Pavement art is a great way to attract PR. We suggest you notify the media in advance and invite them to come down and take pictures of the artwork as it progresses.

Pavement art is an eco-friendly way to get information out there without producing printing waste. Banners and leaflets end up as rubbish, but while the paperless, digital images of our work live on around the world, while our non-toxic chalk just washes away!

Chalk Art FAQs

What if it rains?

It depends how heavy the rain is – if it’s a light rain the artist will take a break and resume work when the rain stops. Ideally our clients provide a marquee to cover the artwork.

How much does it cost?

Each project is customised to fulfil your objectives.  Budget is determined by size and detail which translates to time. Provide us with as much information as you can and we’ll let you know.

How long does it take?

It all depends on the detail of the artwork and what size you want it to be.  6 hours is the minimum time for a 3D artwork to be produced. Complex artworks can take many days to produce.

Do pavement artists have to work directly on the ground?

Artists can work on other surfaces too, e.g. canvas, adhesive vinyl and boards, we’ve even worked on motor cars!  We also work with materials other than chalk pastels, especially when our clients want the work to be permanent.

Do I need approval for artists to produce art in public?

Yes.  Speak to your local council or governing body for approval.  We can assist in providing information you need to gain approval.

How long will pavement art last?

The question really is: how long do you want it to last?  Pavement art can last a day, weeks or months depending on how we treat the surface and finished artwork.  We can produce permanent artworks on the pavement too.

How is the chalk cleaned off the ground?

High pressure hoses usually do the trick.  We recommend that a professional cleaner be brought in after the event to clean the site.

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