Community Engagement

Community arts and cultural development encompasses collaborations between professional artists and communities based on a community’s desire to achieve artistic and social outcomes. Zest’s team of artists have worked with communities across Australia conducting art workshops for children, youths and older adults. The use of art especially effective aiding children and youths to engage in learning through the use of creative techniques.

These types of workshops are proven to help children develop team building skills and self-confidence. Art can be used to stimulate interest in the environment, math, science, literacy and other subjects.

See examples in our Art Workshop Portfolio.

Big wave mural at Goulburn Skate Park and Aquatic Centre

Pavement Art Workshops

Pavement art workshops, are conducted in communal areas. Children of all ages are naturally drawn to the art form; and these workshops provide positive physiological benefits, as they teach children (and adults) how they can open their minds to all possibilities and topics using their imagination. The workshops are collaborative, all inclusive and aid in building self-awareness and confidence for all those that participate.  These workshops can also open conversations with the local community about creating experiences within public spaces.

Recycled Art

Crafting works of art using recycled materials is not only environmentally beneficial, but highly rewarding. Our recycled art workshops, will let you discover how to re-use, up-cycle and create works of art using household & industrial unwanted items. Ask us about our ‘Landfill or Landscape’ workshop that are a way to construct beautiful bespoke art & learning how to build a sustainable future.

Let you imagination run free, using everyday items to create murals, jewellery, puppets, outdoor areas, sculptures, anything!

Chalk Board Snakes & Shapes built to order

Chalk board snakes are perfect for festivals and events. Children of all ages love to get involved. Once an area is filled, just wash away the chalk for more people to come and take part in art!
The snakes shown is approx. 12 metres long and winds 2.4 metre width across the ground. We custom-build snakes and other shapes to different sizes.
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