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Art adds Excitement to Festival Programs

No matter what the event, combining art into your program will complement & entertain your audience. You can engage your audience using a variety of concepts, including live art performances, speed painting, street art, graffiti, dream portraits, cartooning, food sculpting, interactive art, Jacques the Mystery Adventure Caravan and our popular 3D chalk art illusions.

Artworks can be designed to suit your theme, and be complemented with art workshops and competition. The Zest artists are an entertaining bunch, who promise to engage the audience and make the experience fun!


Mike and Jacques

Zest Events offer an off-the-shelf festival program – Chalk The Walk.  Chalk art is a proven crowd-stopper, and  this program not only engages the audience, but gets them involved in their own chalk drawing.

Chalk The Walk

Chalk The Walk is a popular festival program that can be added to your event.  It comprises of feature artists that create show-stopping 3D chalk art masterpieces and combines workshops & competitions that are open to the public to participate in. We have a shopping list of elements for you to choose from.

Chalk The Walk can be used to raise money for charity, value add to an existing festival program, or be a stand alone event.  Talk to us about using Chalk The Walk at your next festival or event.


Our first pavement art festival ‘Chalk The Walk’ was held in 2005 on Pyrmont Bridge in Darling Harbour, Sydney. In 2007 the festival grew to become Chalk Urban Art Festival, the largest street painting festival in the southern hemisphere. Chalk The Walk is now held in towns and regional areas, artists involved have the opportunity to be part of Chalk Urban Art Festival.

Hundreds of artists have participated in these events and hundreds of thousands of people have come to see them at work. Visit our Chalk website and check out photos and images in the gallery.

In each city we have held the festival, it is exciting to see locations come alive with colour and activity and become a source of pride and excitement for artists, tourists, the business community and locals.

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