Jacques The Adventure Story Caravan

(Based in Melbourne, will travel)

Step inside Jacques and experience a story like no other. Be taken on an adventure where you become both performer and spectator. This quirky little caravan reveals its tales to audiences of all ages. Mike and Beth, our dapper story-smiths will be your guides. Jacques provides great entertainment for festivals, corporate events and family days.

Mike outside of Jacques the adventure story caravan

Once inside the caravan you are immersed in a cosy, magical world. Listening on headsets, an evocative soundscape sets the scene for the story to come. During the story each person follows a unique set of instructions to find and animate objects on the table. Like a talking book brought to life, Jacques invites you to explore his interior to reveal new objects and twists in the tale between paragraphs.

  • Each performance runs for 10-minutes
  • 2-4 people share each encounter
  • Choice of 3 stories
  • Current stories are inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick,  Gothic Greats, Romeo & Juliet
  • Stories can be customised for your event

Jacques the Mystery Adventure Caravan is a great way for families and friends to experience a magical mini-break from reality. For the corporate world Jacques’s stories can be customised for your event, he is a non-traditional team building environment, an excellent ‘icebreaker’ and a great way to introduce people. Jacques is super fun at festivals, corporate events and family days.

Jacques provides a captivating experience you won’t forget!  Contact us for more information.

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