Visual Minutes – Graphic Scribes

Zest Artists are Visual Scribes, they draw your message live in front of your audience making your presentation much more informative, entertaining and memorable.

Visual Minutes, Visual Communication, Mind Mapping, Graphic Facilitation and Strategic Visualisation are real-time, interactive  illustrated records of the key points, ideas, business decisions, plans and strategies that evolve during the course of meetings, brainstorming sessions, events and at conferences.

Visual minutes for Salesforce produced by Jenny McCracken, Zest Events International

Visual Minutes have proved a particularly effective tool for all manner of organisations including Macquarie Bank, NSW Health, Salesforce,, Astra Zenica and other aspirational businesses.

Zest has several artists who specialise in visual communications and work with businesses using these innovative visual thought stimulation techniques.  Here’s an example of recent projects:

  • In Sydney, Anton Pulvirenti  is a highly experienced exponent of Visual Minutes including a recent 6 months Strategy planning project with New South Wales Health focussed on resetting the core guiding principles for Health services delivery in NSW.
  • In Melbourne award winning artist Jenny McCracken is equally adept facilitating business outcomes using Visual Minutes and Mind Mapping techniques. She recently worked with the leading global Sales automation supplier to develop an enhanced customer engagement process.
  • Jenny also worked with PR company Impact Communications drawing ‘dream portraits’ for staff as part of a Team Building exercise.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Zest has taken this concept to another place entirely. Visual Minutes are much more than a substitute for a bunch of words, they actually have the ability to transform a conversation or a thought process, taking it to new and interesting places. In other words they can trigger productive lateral thinking which is so valued by corporate leaders, business schools and aspiring change agents.

Try it out and have one of our graphic scribes at your next conference, planning workshop or brainstorming sessions. Deliver your message in a way that motivates action and transforms your business!

View more examples in our Visual Minutes Portfolio.  You might also be interested in engaging your clients, delegates and staff using Live Art and art at Exhibitions.

Visual Minutes FAQ’s

What types of business meetings are suitable for the use of Visual Minutes?
Almost any meeting that involves group discussion, problem solving, planning or collaboration could benefit. Previous projects include sales and marketing meetings, conferences and exhibitions , strategy and planning, budgeting, executive and board meetings. The sky’s the limit really, your imagination is the only constraint.

How long does it take?
The question is really how long and complex is your meeting? Visual Minutes can be produced during a single short meeting or over a series of conference plenary session with information.   These sessions can include review and feedback during or after the meeting or they can be part of an ongoing multi meeting process with some of the work being completed off-site between meetings.

What materials do we use?
Whiteboards, chalkboards and paper are the most common requests.  When it comes to large conferences images are drawn with pens that have a camera attached; or done on digital tablets and projected live.

How do I get started?
We begin with an initial briefing with the client to establish a scope of work and cost. This would typically be followed by a discussion with the facilitator and if required a provisional mock-up of the concept for review and approval. Once approved, the assigned artist will work with the facilitator at your meeting, sometimes in an ongoing situation and often involving the production of digital and printable versions for circulation to your stakeholders or other interested parties.

How much does it cost?
Each project is customised to fulfil your objectives. Budget is determined by location, your objectives, detail required as well as the duration and number of sessions. Provide us with as much information as you can and we’ll let you know.

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