Zest creates tailored concepts, events, activities and activations that entertain, engage and deliver commercial and social outcomes

Since 1998, Zest Events International has been working with our clients to engage audiences and create memorable experiences. Our team of artists and entertainers specialise in 3D chalk art, street painting, live art performances, murals, sculptures, art workshops, conference and event activities, corporate art, art management and consulting.

The Zest team are specialists in creating concepts and customising events, activities and artworks that create highly memorable, entertaining and engaging experiences, yet ensuring  marketing and business objectives are achieved.

We produce Art for health, public awareness and creativity in the workplace.  We add Zest to corporate events, conferences and exhibitions with our creative ideas and strategic planning.



We augment your organisation by providing a team of professionals that work with you to tailor artistic solutions that achieve the best possible outcome.


Once we have a idea, we advance the concept further and move from design into production. We do this in studio, onsite and / or on tour according to project requirements.


Now it’s time to communicate with your audience!  We work with you to deliver your message on the street, at your event and around the world via social media.


We’ve worked with local Councils and outback organisations to the Sheik of Dubai and the Vatican… and we’d like to work with you!

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