Strategic Public Art Projects and Art for Events

Our mission is to maximise your Return on Art (ROA).

Zest is your go-to professional team for outcomes focused artistic projects and events.

Specialising in public art consulting and arts project management for large scale projects. We also provide 3D street artists, mural artists, chalk artists, graphic scribes, and sculptors for events and activations.

ARTchitects [ahrt-ki-tekts] (noun)

Purveyors of ‘ Art For Purpose’. Consultants with the expertise to bring corporate, agency and government artistic projects to fruition by harnessing the talent of artists and communities across Australia.

OK, so perhaps we made that word up… but it seems the best way to explain our special skills at Zest Events.

Zest is where:

your ideas are visualised and realised

your objectives drive the outcome
we get involved early and help achieve your goals
we create ‘ Art for Purpose’

What is ‘Art for Purpose’?

Art for Purpose is art that communicates, engages, and inspires.

Art can take many forms, what is important is that it serves your purpose. Many people come to us with an idea of what they want to achieve but don’t know how to reach their goals. That’s where we come in.

At team Zest, we are experts at creating and delivering art projects and events that achieve outcomes. We will work with you to produce the complete event, bridging the gap between your objectives and the talented artists who will create the finished work.

We will support you from concept to completion, matching the right medium and creative talent to your event, place activation or tourist attraction. Wherever in Australia your art project is taking place, we can help, beyond creating the art with marketing, community engagement, management and more.


We’ve worked with Government, Corporations, local Councils and outback organisations to the Sheik of Dubai and the Vatican… and we’d like to work with you!

City Of Melbourne
Melbourne Metro Rail Authority
Premiers Department NSW
City of Newcastle
Dubbo Regional Council
Whitehorse City Council
North Sydney Council
Visit Mandurah
Western NSW Health
NSW Govt
National Gallery of Australia
VIC Roads

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