The city of Mandurah in Western Australia was seeking to raise its profile as a tourist destination. Consequently, the local tourism organisation hired Zest Events to create 3D art that would encourage people to share their photos on social media and generate publicity for the city.

“We know that 3D art and 3D street paintings are a great way to entertain and interact with visitors and locals,” said Marketing Manager Nadine Heinen from Visit Mandurah. “It provides fantastic photo opportunities as people stop to pose and then share their images with friends and family.” 

Andi Mether, Zest’s MD and ARTchitect, managed the project, while the amazing 3D art was created by Jenny McCracken. The project brief was to educate people about Mandurah’s abundant marine wildlife and the fact that the estuary is twice the size of Sydney Harbour.

The resulting 3D artworks are located on the Marina Art Trail, a 4.5 kilometre return walk meandering along Mandurah’s spectacular waterways. The walk begins at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and ends near the Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM).

3D pavement art shows dolphins at Mandurah Visitor Centre

poses for photo with dolphin, seal and pelican
In front of the Mandurah Visitor Centre, the Peel-Harvey Estuary seems to jump out from the pavement complete with dolphins to stroke and a graceful pelican to admire.

Pelican 3D wall art at Mandurah Marina

feeding 3d pelican in Mandurah
In the Mandurah Marina, a giant pelican almost flies out of the Blue Gatehouse ready to snap up a fish.

Captivating 3D artwork at Mandurah Bridge

3D blue swimmer crab greets people at bridge
What could be more Australian than a blue swimmer crab ready to greet those who cross the new bridge?

Art creates lifelong memories of a destination

Andi reflected on the success of the project. “We were delighted to hear that the mayor of Mandurah, Rhys Williams,complimented our 3D artwork as being a unique asset to the city. Street paintings and 3D art spark great social media photo ideas. People also engage with the moment that they pose for the photos, creating fond lifelong memories of a destination.”

Nadine gave high praise to the team at Zest Events. “Jenny McCracken has delivered an outstanding result with both the artworks, and the quality of the work surpassed our already high expectations. The whole project went so smoothly from start to finish and it was an absolute delight to be working with Andi and Jenny who are very professional, friendly, creative and organised. They guided us through the entire process making invaluable suggestions and advice in order to achieve the very best results.

“We are absolutely thrilled and so super pleased with the outcome and could not be happier about watching so many people stopping by, posing, taking photos and saying “How cool is this!”

If you are looking for ideas to boost tourism in your destination, contact us about 3D art, street paintings and other art draw cards.

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