An eye-catching 3D pedestrian crossing has been created at Mount Evelyn Primary School to increase driver awareness and road safety. The 3D crossing appears to rise out of the ground, perched on top of wallaby legs. Who wouldn’t slow down to check that out?! This school zone is now a lot safer thanks to Zest Events International and the school project team.

Funded with the help of VICRoads ‘Towards Safer Speeds Program’, Zest Events worked with Mount Evelyn Primary School’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) girls and their teacher, Trish Rathmell.

Zest’s ARTchitect Andi Mether and Artist Jenny McCracken produced the 3D illusion on the road. “Art for Safety is what we created,” said Andi Mether. “On the surface, it might look like a bit of fun. But there was a great deal of research and planning to create this serious and very effective traffic calming measure!”

Here’s a photo of our 3D wallaby crossing – We’re pretty hoppy with it!

With a history of speeding drivers and pedestrians getting hurt in the area, the STEM girls and Ms Rathmell decided enough was enough. They wanted to raise driver awareness that speeding through this crossing is dangerous, particularly as it is used by children at all times of the day.

Everyone involved shared the same aim of wanting to change driver behaviour on the roads through a positive and unique approach that uses STEM education to promote safer speeds.

The artwork features three sets of wallaby legs seemingly holding up the pedestrian crossing. The girls wanted to use an animal that was native to their area to help represent the ‘Towards Safer Speeds Program’ they were part of. Being 3D, the legs show up 6 meters before the crossing. The striking image aims to grab drivers’ attention and encourage them to slow down and look as they approach. 

Zest Artist, Jenny McCracken, executed the 3D crossing on the ground. “There was such a sense of pride from the STEM girls and Ms Rathmell as they saw the crossing develop. They could see what they had achieved and that, in itself, had a positive impact.”

The final product: Developed by the STEM Girls and Zest Events International

Even though this crossing project has reached completion, Ms Rathmell and the STEM girls hope that other schools and communities will show the same initiative to develop 3D crossings around school zones and high pedestrian traffic areas. The research shows that these crossings do work.  Mt Evelyn Primary School is continuing to monitor speeds and improvements to road safety.

Zest’s Andi Mether said: “There are so many distractions for drivers on the roads these days. This is a fun and engaging way to encourage drivers to stop and acknowledge their speed. We enjoyed working with some incredible girls who made adults sit up and take notice. Their initiative will have long-term and potentially life-changing benefits for their community The project has also resulted in new innovations for road treatments – another achievement for this STEMS project.”

Mount Evelyn Public School’s STEM Girls alongside teacher Ms Rathmell in front of their 3D wallaby crossing

This is the third 3D pedestrian crossing that Zest Events International has created. Two permanent crossings have been produced in Dunedin, New Zealand. Further road treatment projects are being undertaken with Darebin City Council and VicRoads.

If you would like information about installing a 3D crossing in your region – Contact us!

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