About Zest

Our clients include regional and city councils, community groups, government departments, hospitals, agencies and corporations.

Usually, they are looking to create a bespoke solution which is collaborative, end to end and achieves their desired outcomes. To achieve that, team Zest, lead by our Chief ARTchitect and Founder Andi Mether, approaches each project uniquely, collaboratively, and strategically.

Why do our clients work with us?

Well, there are several reasons. We like to think it’s because we are nice people who are passionate about what we do. However, there are other reasons our clients love us.

Here are some…

Many of our clients know what they want but not how to turn their ideas into reality. That is where we step in.

Zest has over 25 years’ experience for you to lean on, learn from and tap into.

We like to get involved early to help plan, determine the right requirements, and make sure you have the right team on board.

We take on the role of  creative directors , maintain your vision, manage the artists and motivate the team.

As outsiders (although we like to consider ourselves part of the team) we have an advantage of managing stakeholders, having open and honest conversations, building trusted relationships, and bringing fresh perspectives.

We are adept and experienced at indigenous consultation.

Some of our clients need help or information when applying for grants and Zest can help plan, develop and support grants submissions.

Because many of our clients are time poor, we work with you to take care of governance, risk management and budgeting, and make the process easier.

How do we do all this?

Firstly, at Zest we work with you collaboratively bringing over 25 years’ experience and knowledge. Our broad skillset means we:




Strategically plan


Provide artistic direction


Develop and design




Manage the team


Act as a sounding board


Provide a complete turnkey solution

Collaborate with Us


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