Is your centre a little commonplace? Does your arcade feel arduous? Do you wish your plaza had more pizzazz?

Here are 3 ways we are working with shopping centres to enhance their fun-factor and add a little magic back into the shopping experience:

1. Get involved: 3D art is interactive

3D artworks are a great way to engage with shoppers of all ages.

Kids and families love to invent different ways to pose in the illusions. They enjoy interacting with and becoming part of the art.

Santa's Workshop by Jenny McCracken Insta photo

Teens and young adults get a kick from capturing funny poses and sharing them online, while the ‘young-at-heart’ audience love to interact with the artist and marvel at the illusion of the 3d distortion.

Even the most camera shy will get involved and strike a pose to capture that kodak moment!

2. Create interest: Live art performances

An artist producing an artwork in a public space always attracts interest.

We create chalk art murals that change throughout the year, feature artworks that highlight current activities within the centre or stunning permanent pieces.

Shoppers take the time to stop and look at the artwork being produced, talk to their friends and return to see the finished product or new instalments!

Springetts Back to School artwork by Rudy Kistler

Top: Back to School chalk mural by Rudy Kistler for Springetts Arcade, Bowral

Below: Christmas chalk mural by Anton Pulvirenti for Macarthur Square, Sydney

Christmas chalk mural by Anton Pulvirenti

3. Back it up: little things that increase participation and exposure

To get the most out of your artistic investment, try some value-adds that build excitement in your tenants and clientele and encourage them to participate in your campaign.

Running a competition with prizes that incorporates hashtags and social media is simple, effective and works hand-in-hand with the nature of 3D art. We’ve also created multi-artwork trails, artworks with hidden words and more!

Rebecca from Maroochydore Home Centre: 

“I have worked in shopping centre Management for over 20 years and customers will always find something to complain about especially over social media. However, we have had an amazing response to your artwork. I have not had one negative piece come past my desk. Customers have absolutely loved it. Looking forward to working with you on another project in the future”.


Interested in finding out more? Contact us for ideas that will add Zest to your next campaign!


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