Anton Pulvirenti’s latest exhibition is currently showing in Singapore’s leading contemporary art space –  the REDSEA Gallery.

As the grandson of an Italian migrant interned as an enemy alien in South Australia during WWII, Anton has drawn on his families experience for this new collection of works.

The collection of 16 charcoal drawings is part of an Anton’s Goomiland series. He uses human and animal forms in the landscape to depict the psychological undercurrents of the migrant experience.

The rabbit stands as an introduced species that the Australian government has attempted to control paired with the predatory lion, as a symbol of the trials many migrants face.

“The detention experience can be seen as an existence between the animal and human. Those involved often experience an absence of normal law in which they are not considered fully as human” explains Anton.

“By drawing it I hope to lessen the destructive potential of these experiences in the present”.

Artworks by Anton and other Zest Artists will soon be available on our online store (stay tuned for details!) or you can commission a unique piece.

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