It’s a great day when you come home exhausted yet exhilarated from a day at work. That’s how everyone felt after the day at New Horizons reinvigorating their head office workshop.

New Horizons partnership manager Kim Gracey was the brains-trust behind the day which was a joint effort between their supported employees team alongside volunteers from Citibank Australia.

Mural workshop with Anton Pulvirenti and New horizons and Citibank employees

Citibank’s Nina Ardila with Adam Galluzzo from New Horizons and Zest Artist Anton Pulvirenti.


Over one crazy jam-packed day, 50 staff and volunteers created this fabulous mural, transforming a boring factory wall into a colourful uplifting workspace.

New Horizons workshop mural Anton Pulvirenti

Kim was buzzed at the end of the workshop; “The day was a huge success and Anton was absolutely wonderful” she explained “as well as being a brilliant artist, the way he worked with the supported employees and the Citibank team was brilliant. It could have been quite challenging as the mural started to take a life of its own as our employees excitement grew! Anton encouraged their creativity and at the same time held the whole project together so that it was a great piece of art. It really has been a wonderful experience.”

Zest artist Anton Pulvirenti was also thrilled with the result, “The New Horizons team are such a happy, passionate bunch, they took to the mural with an enthusiasm and spirit that is clearly reflected in the finished artwork.”

“It was great to see so many of our employees get involved in creating the new mural’ said Judi Higgin, CEO of New Horizons, “Everyone had a lot of fun getting their hands dirty and the finished mural has really helped brighten up the space.  More importantly, it was a great opportunity for our supported employees to get to know other employees from New Horizons and Citibank and explore their creative sides”.

Interested in running an art workshop or some creative team building activities? Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas!


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