Mermaid says “NO” to Single Use Plastics

Like this mermaid, our oceans are a beautiful sight, but look closely... you'll see there's more going on than what first meets the eye. Can you identify any of the plastic items in this recycled artwork? Bottle tops, syringes, toys, straws, packaging, drink bottles...

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The Art of Changing Behaviour

Art influences people. It stirs emotions, communicates messages, highlights issues and can be a powerful call-to-action. Including an artistic component in any program that aims to change behaviour is like adding another string to your bow. Take a step closer to the...

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20 years of events, artworks and Zest

In 1998, Managing Director Andi Mether started up a small business and 20 years later Zest Events International is still going strong! To celebrate here's 20 memorable Zest moments. Scroll on for a short trip down memory lane.... 1. Memorable moment from lead artist...

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And I Met Her to cover 20 years of Zest

20 years in operation is a great achievement for any small business, particularly one in the arts industry like Zest Events International. Just over 12 months ago I left a job I loved, in an organisation I despised, to start work as a Zestimite, for a woman who...

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Springett’s – patron of the chalk arts

Remember that childhood feeling, the one where you're on your way to visit your favourite place? There's a feeling of anticipation, you'd look eagerly around to see what's new, what's changed, and then there's a rush of pleasure and excitement as you spot something...

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Deck the malls of Ballarat with festive street art

Forget the traditional Santa photo, you know, the one where you spend your precious pre-Christmas moments struggling with your terrified child, in a lineup with other screaming kids, all waiting for their turn to cry on Santa's knee... there has to be a better way....

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Add a 3rd dimension to your shopping experience

Is your centre a little commonplace? Does your arcade feel arduous? Do you wish your plaza had more pizzazz? Here are 3 ways we are working with shopping centres to enhance their fun-factor and add a little magic back into the shopping experience: 1. Get involved: 3D...

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Zombies captured in 3D at Luna Dark

Zombies clawing their way out of a crypt, Colonel Sanders eating a bucket full of brains, freaky clown heads leering... stay steady on the tightrope if you can! Our 3D installation 'Carnival in the Crypt' was created for Luna Dark 2017, Luna Park Melbourne's...

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Dazzling evening celebrates partnership @ COBA 2017

Guests at the 2017 CGU Partner Dinner were treated to a five star dinner and captivating performance by Katie Noonan at the beautiful Brisbane City Hall. For the past 11 years Zest's MD, Andi Mether has had the pleasure of working with CGU Insurance to deliver a...

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