Councils across Sydney are using chalk art as they promote sustainability and encourage the community to live a low-impact lifestyle.

The war on waste is real and Sydney’s booming population is a major player. Local Councils have a huge role to play in managing this impact.

In Sydney the big issues being tackled are urban litter, marine pollution and non-renewable resource consumption.

Chalk art is a great eco-friendly communication tool to use in the campaign. Non-toxic pigments used in the chalk mean the artworks can be simply washed away when your campaign is complete.

Use of 3D chalk art and street paintings also increase the impact of your message as the community interact with the artist during installation as well as the finished artwork.  

Tip: locate the artwork in key problem or high traffic areas to encourage sharing on social media.

Check out some of our anti-litter artworks below or find out more about our 3D art services here.

You can contact us for ideas on your next campaign!

Plastic Free July sandcastle with Anton and Catherin Plastic Free July with Northern Beaches Council

Seahorse anti-marine-pollution artwork by Jenny McCracken Anti-marine pollution in Manly

Water Fountain promotional art by Anton Pulvirenti New water fountain stations promoted across the northern beaches

Anton Pulvirenti with Blacktown anti-litter artwork Bin your butts in Blacktown

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