Like this mermaid, our oceans are a beautiful sight, but look closely… you’ll see there’s more going on than what first meets the eye. Can you identify any of the plastic items in this recycled artwork?mermaid made of plastic

Bottle tops, syringes, toys, straws, packaging, drink bottles and all sorts of other plastics are dumped on our beaches, streets, and boats and wash into the ocean.  It’s not pretty, it’s not fun to swim in and our marine life are suffering from it.

It’s an area that we are extremely passionate about and have been using our expertise to help Councils create change and fight the war on waste.

Join us in a journey to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Create a call-to-action using recycled sculptures and pledge posing stations, chalk art signage, permanent murals, workshops, trailer wraps and pledge cards. Take a fresh approach to communicate this global issue and challenge the community to make a pledge for local action today.

Contact us for more information on recycled art and ways to take your message to the people.

Pictured:  Say not to single use plastics pledge posing board, recycled art by Zest Artist Mealie B.

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