If you are a reader, you know that each new book you begin offers you an opportunity to explore new places, ideas and experiences.

When Zest Artist Rudy Kistler was a kid, the place to find these opportunities was at the local library.  Years later, Rudy has been able to capture that spirit with his latest piece ‘Ex-Libris’, 3D street art created at the Benalla Library for the 2017 Wall to Wall Festival.

The permanent mural located at the entrance to the town’s library is a 3D illusion alighting out of the cover of a novel titled simply “Explore.”  It invites the community to get excited about what the library offers and how it can make you feel.

Rudy Kistler 3D artwork at Benalla Library

“When I first looked at the triangular shape I considered creating a block of swiss cheese” explains Rudy “but then I thought that was too easy.  I considered the location and how I used to explore books in the library in my home town when I was a kid, they took me everywhere.  My models for the artwork are my sister and my wife, women of action that explore the world looking for adventure!”

The use of the ramp entrance to the library enhances the 3d effect of the image, and the mural is a great example of urban architecture, and how art can transform and create interest in public space.

The library space before:

Benalla Library before the Wall2Wall Festival

…and after:

library art 3d mural benalla rudy kistler Wall2Wall

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