It’s one thing to have an idea, it’s another to bring it to life. Zest works on a wide range of projects including corporate events, public art projects, brand activations and a lot more. Andi Mether and Danielle Littlewood explain why project management can make or break your event and why good project management is the key to success. 

Objectives, planning and teamwork

3d swimming pool nespresso
Nespresso Summer Campaign launch with PPR in Sydney

“Firstly, it’s important to recognise that while each project has different outcomes, they all have strategic objectives,” explains Andi Mether, Zest’s MD and Chief ARTchitect. “There’s no one size fits all. It can take months of behind the scenes planning before going on site. Projects don’t just happen, clients don’t just hire an artist and say ‘go for it’, nor an entertainer and say ‘sing that’ –  when you do that you risk losing sight of your objectives. 

The first step is to establish your requirements – the why, what and where.  Next we work through the details with you, develop the concept, talk through the interaction, production, budgets and risk management. With that information, we build the best team to deliver your objectives.” 

Skilled project management makes all the difference

Danielle Littlewood has worked with Zest Events for the last three years as Manager of Projects and Possibilities. “My background is in Environmental Science,” she explains, “where I gained experience in delivering projects for the government, community and the private consulting industry. One of the things that sets Zest Events apart from ‘artist booking agencies’ is our project management skills.”

“We work as a bridge between the client and the Artist to ensure each project is managed professionally. This allows our clients to focus on business and the Artists to focus on the artwork or performance, while the project manager keeps an eye on the big picture, taking care of communication, collaboration and finer details that result in high quality results, managed to time and budget.”

project managers on site
On site with Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment

Experience teaches what works

The team at Zest Events have a wide range of skills and have been working together for more than 20 years. Zest creates and produces art for purpose, whether the aim is entertainment, education, promoting a message or creating an opportunity to engage with a target audience.

“We’ve learnt a lot in that time, most importantly what works and what doesn’t,” says Andi. “We draw on that experience to assist our clients with project planning, budgeting execution, monitoring, OH&S, marketing and more to deliver the best possible outcomes and ensure their objectives are met.”

Zest creates and produces art for purpose, whether the aim is entertainment, education, promoting a message or creating an opportunity to engage with a target audience.

“The biggest reward of this job is seeing a project achieve what our clients are hoping for.”

“For me personally, job satisfaction comes from working on projects that make a difference and leaving an impression, it’s about making moments that create memories, be it bringing people together at an event, engaging with youth, inspiring communities or helping build a better future through the environmental projects we work on.”

event management gala dinner melbourne zest events international
CGU Partner Dinner in Melbourne

Project management support from start to finish

Clients of Zest Events often comment on the difference that their project management skills make to the outcome of their projects.

Roni Beauchamp, Heart Foundation (Victoria) brought Zest on board to use Art as a mechanism to get people more physically active at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station.

The professional, can-do attitude displayed by Andi Mether and her team at Zest Events, together with their incredible talent, capacity to understand the brief, unwavering dedication and passion for what we were trying to achieve were no doubt major contributing factors to the success of our campaign. That is increasing stair use from just 17% of pedestrians to 37% of pedestrians.

Stair Art - Bourke Street stairs, Melbourne
Bourke Street Stair Art, Southern Cross Station – 100 ways to move campaign

If you have an objective in mind, speak to Zest Events today to find out how the power of art can transform events, spaces and people for your next big project!

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