Talented and gregarious Zest artist Rudy Kistler is back in Australia after an extended period working in Japan.

Here’s a fantastic 3D sand artwork he did on the beach for Nissin’s world famous chicken ramen. It’s incredible how powerful optical illusions can be created with such a simple medium as beach sand and with such impact. These illusions were incorporated into a 30 second video and have now been seen by many thousands of people worldwide.


Another fun piece he did was for arts festival in Nakameguro through the local MDP Gallery.  They had multiple sites around Tokyo where there was live music, art exhibits, beer and wine tastings and Rudy’s 3D artwork. Being the 50th anniversary of the superhero Ultraman, he was requested to create an artwork that would feature Ultraman in a heroic pose for people to photograph.

3d chalk art robot
There’s no rest for the wicked – he’s straight back into the thick of the action down under, working at the Dubbo Dream festival in western NSW with fellow Zest Artist Zac Craig. They’ll be at the festival from the 17th – 22nd October – it is a major regional festival with a huge array of activities and entertainment.

Rudy and Zac will be running a series of interactive school art workshops which have proved immensely popular at festivals all over Australia and will also be creating a showcase 3D artwork for the festival. If you’ve seen any of the showcase artwork from other festivals such as the Tamworth Music Festival’s giant guitar, then you’ll know it’s going to be awesome.

Giant 3D chalk art Golden Guitar in Tamworth by Rudy Kistler

Rudy works extensively in regional and rural areas, often at events and festivals and specialises in 3D artworks, interactive Art Workshops for kids or adults alike and Live Art.  

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