Murals & paintings

We create  large scale murals, street art  and trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye) to attract people to your location and make it a destination.  

Murals can be temporary and permanent murals on your floors, ceilings and walls. We produce interior and exterior murals and artworks to hang on buildings, in offices, shopping centres, hospitals and museums.  

Paintings and murals define your space, and set the mood.  We’ve created artworks to engage, to beautify and make places safe.  3d artworks are our specialty, they are eye catching and fun to pose in for photos, once one person has a photo taken, everyone wants in on the action!

We can also produce touring artworks on transportable systems and exhibition walls.  Artworks can be created on site or in studio. 

3D Street Art Murals

We strengthen the connection between people and place with our street art murals, silo art and large scale murals on water towers.

Corporate Art

We create paintings and murals for your offices, exhibitions stands as well as artworks for tv and marketing campaigns.

Retail & Attractions

Our 3d murals have proved especially popular in retail spaces, they attract and engage audiences.

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