Place activation – Public art

Place making and activation is all about making your location a destination, making it safe, encouraging social interaction, and building sense of community. We use our expertise to help you do just that!

We will work with you and your stakeholders on a plan that covers your objectives, community engagement, stakeholder management, safety measures, budget, as well as a creative process that delivers the best possible results. develop a strategy with you and bring your concept to life.    We provide the expertise to fill the gap in your team. 

We produce temporary and permanent public artworks.  We’re all about Art for Purpose, be it it Art for Health, Art for Safety, Art for Tourism, Art for Community Engagement, it’s all Art that Communicates.

Clients we’ve worked with include: IKEA, Stocklands, Dunedin City Council, Telstra, Premier’s Department Victoria, Premiers Department NSW, Metro Tunnel, City of Melbourne, Newman Entertainment, Dreamworld, and many others.

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