Zest’s urban art project for City of Melbourne and Heart Foundation at Southern Cross Station is most definitely a ‘heart project’. 

Bourke street stairs, Southern Cross Station, Melbourn

Our brief was to attract people to use the stairs rather than the escalators at Southern Cross Station as part of the City of Melbourne’s #100ways campaign.  Through discussions with Heart Foundation we came up with the phrase ‘Put a Spring in Your Step’ and set to work to bring to life to the Bourke Street stairs at Southern Cross Station.

This theme inspired lead Artist Jenny McCracken to create images of caterpillars and butterflies as symbols of growth, renewal, and transformation in a massive 3D image that not only drew people’s eyes to the stairs but encouraged them to climb up and explore the details of the artwork.

“When the Heart Foundation approached Zest about this project, it seemed more than a coincidence to me” explained Jenny “The opportunity to encourage people to exercise for the health of their heart is very important to me, as I had lost my mother following open heart surgery just a year earlier”.

The huge purple heart in the centre of the piece is a reference not only to the Heart Foundation but also to the US Purple Heart, awarded for bravery and sacrifice in battle, which typifies the mentality of so many people that suffer from heart disease,  putting others health before their own.

Jenny included a number of marked positions where commuters could pause and pose for photo’s which spread the #100ways and Heart Foundation message throughout social media and will ensure the message outlives this temporary artwork.

Measuring 185 square meters, with 42 steps, the artwork was a great undertaking for our 3D artists. In particular the sheer challenge of keeping everything in perspective while the face of each step moves further away!

SO GO FOR IT! Let our #art4yourHeart inspire you to #putaspringinyourstep whether it be to walk or run up those steps. Be your own hero for your Heart.

See footage of the artwork coming together on YouTube read more about this project in our case study.

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