CLIENT: City of Melbourne and National Heart Foundation


To encourage people to use the Bourke Street stairs rather than the escalators at Southern Cross Station as part of the City of Melbourne’s #100ways campaign.  


1. To get people to use the stairs rather than the escalator

2. The stairs measure 185 square meters, with 42 steps – the main artistic challenge was to keep everything in perspective while the face of each step was further away

3. The artwork had to be completed within 1 week and allow public access at all times 


    • Meet with stakeholders , assess the logistics, manage budgets and risk management process and schedules
    • Develop the concept ‘Put a Spring in Your Step’
    • Select the artists and produce the stair art over 5 days/nights


“…the stair art project saw a 20% increase in people taking the stairs during peak hour”.                             

                                                                   Dianna Heggie, CEO, Heart Foundation

  • People movements measured by the Heart Foundation and City of Melbourne showed a 20% increase in people taking the stairs during peak hour
  • Anecdotal feedback reported people were drawn to the colour which brightened their day
  • A number of marked positions where commuters could pause and pose for photo’s which spread the #100ways and Heart Foundation message throughout social media and will ensure the message outlived this temporary artwork
  • Timelapse photography was delivered online to showcase the process and engage interest
  • The artwork was in meant to be in place for 1 month but due to its popularity the period was extended to 2 months.

Read more about the project.

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