Q: How long does it take a plastic bottle to break down?
A: 450 years.

how long does is take a plastic bottle to break down?

Zest’s Anton Pulvirenti spent the Australia Day long weekend producing a series of eight chalk drawings along Balmoral Beach promenade for Mosman Council to promote awareness about the impact plastics have on the marine environment.

The series tells the story of how common plastics such as picnic wear and food wrappers, enter our waterways affecting aquatic/marine life which in turn affects US by contaminating the food chain.

From Living Mosman: “The chalk drawings are a call to initiate action to reduce plastic use and bin waste properly.  In doing so we can reduce harm to birds and marine animals and at the same time ensure that the fish we eat carry minimal plastic contaminants.”

For Anton, “The audience response has been very positive, especially from the local residents about the story we’re sharing. Children especially love the colours and the pictures and stop to find out more. It’s rewarding to be out on the streets producing artworks that reinforce a such an important message”

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