In today’s dynamic and unpredictable social economy, businesses must manage and motivate well educated and aspirational professionals. High levels of individual productivity and creativity are required to rapidly develop the new products and services and continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness demanded by the social economy.

Old thinking has characterised productivity using ‘time and motion’ studies, goal setting, material rewards and performance reviews. We now know that this approach is not motivating or sustaining and most definitely not a contributor to the creative thinking and innovation required today and tomorrow.

Zest Events has been exploring and innovating itself – developing new methods to assist corporations and small businesses with creative thinking in business settings.

Jenny and the Field of Dreams groupFor example, Zest developed activities focused on team building and creative thinking for PR firm Impact Communications  – the ‘Dream Portraits’ program.  Award winning artist Jenny McCracken spent 10-15 minutes with each individual drawing a ‘dream portrait’ – based upon a vision for where these individuals would like to be in their immediate future. The collective artwork was put on display and discussed. The process proved to be a  catalyst for these people to visualize their ideal or aspirational work or personal situations and it developed lots of lateral and creative thought; with the boundaries of what’s possible individually and collectively being pushed. Many also commented that it was a therapeutic process.

Zest has also applied art to developing Visual Minutes and in Brainstorming sessions. Art as a creative business tool is becoming rapidly accepted and has potential application in many business settings including:

  • Business and process improvement
  • Team building
  • Strategy and forward planning
  • SWOT and competitive analysis
  • Problem solving
  • New product development

If your business is being challenged by the new world or if you just want to stay ahead of the game, contact Zest to explore the creative options available to your own workplace.  

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