A 3D street painting can bring positive attention to your next launch or event. Not only does it have on-site impact, the right artwork has the potential to reach millions online, sparking conversations about your message.

After 15 years of producing Australia’s top chalk events and managing artists worldwide these are our tips for creating the most successful artworks and activations.

IKEA 3D Kitchen by Zest Artists Jenny McCracken and Anton Pulvirenti has had over 39,000 views on Youtube

Here’s our Top Tips to make your activation a success!

 1) Define your objectives

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your key messages?
  • What are the outcomes you want from this activation?
  • What is the duration of the campaign?
  • How will you evaluate the success of this event?

 2. Location, location, location!

  • Choose a location with high traffic.
  • Request statistics from the governing authority and make sure they match your target market.
  • Consider the hours of your activation and the typical state of mind of people at that time of day and if possible, visit the site at those times.

3.  Choosing the right message

  • Chalk art is your opportunity to create an experience, not a typical advertisement.  The streets are flooded with signage and advertisements, this is your chance to stand out!
  • Keep it Simple – portray a key message.
  • Artwork without an obvious logo is proven to be more effective.

4. Engage http://healthsavy.com/product/celebrex/ your audience

  • The creation of the artwork is performance art. People enjoy seeing the process of the artwork coming to life.
  • Invite interaction by encouraging people to have their photo taken in the artwork.
  • Use props to enhance the illusion.
  • Employ fun and active promo staff to engage with the audience.

5. Extend your audience online

  • Make your images available to download on your social media channels.
  • Invite your audience to share their photos online.
  • Consider using a unique hashtag for your event.
  • Create time-lapse footage of the artwork being created.
  • Film people interacting on-site.
  • Invite media to the event and share, share, share through your channels.

6. Be realistic with your budget

  • Top considerations include: council permits/ hire fees, signage, barricades, promotional staff, photographers, security, marketing collateral, cleaning.
  • Also consider whether you want to run your campaign in multiple locations.

7. Enjoy the experience

  • Choose the right artist to deliver your message.
  • Consider your wet weather plan.
  • Liaise with your local authority on OH&S.
  • Use checklists.
  • It’s all in the preparation!  By dotting i’s and crossing t’s you’ll have a much more enjoyable event.

Contact us to discuss how this engaging art form could work for your next experiential marketing campaign.  We have Australia’s top team of talented artists ready to design and execute your message!

Pirates of the Caribbean, 3D chalk art at Melbourne Central by Jenny McCracken
L-R: Pirates of the Caribbean DVD launch (Artist: Jenny McCracken)

Check out more examples in our portfolio.

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