graff artDon’t tag your graffiti, get it viral and ‘hashtag’!

There are a number of ways to use graffiti in delivering a message – and we’re not talking guerrilla tactics here, we’re talking the true art of graffiti. Legal graffiti is unique, eye-catching and can be an excellent way of enabling your outdoor advertising campaign to connect with your audience. Graffiti advertising is a great way of delivering your brand message varying audience in a more entertaining and engaging way than simply a print out.

Graffiti artists, are fast becoming a recognised art-form – gone are the days that graffiti was seen as, well “graffiti”. Graffiti art can be commissioned on any type of surface (and all done legally too mind you!) And to see these artists perform live will open your eyes to how real graffiti artists are credible, amazing artists. Some call it deceptive, since its advertising posing as regular art, and to us, that can be the point, if done deceptively well!

Legal outdoor graffiti advertising is unique, eye-catching, and can be an excellent way of enabling your outdoor advertising campaign to connect with your audience. Traditionally, graffiti is used to target younger audiences, but we’ve learnt how to get across a branded message without trying to be ‘painfully down with the kids’ as a target audience (#cringe), but to actually appeal to a wider audience (see our Melbourne Ironman piece pictured)

Graffiti campaigns can be effective at delivering free media coverage when it delivers a powerful message and of course has incredible traction on social media. ‘Tagging’ of graffiti artwork, can be masterfully turned into a social media ‘Hashtag’. And as graffiti can be re-produced onto any surface, you can also bring the art of graffiti indoors – utilising these artists at staff workshops (get everyone involved) or at events as banners or live graffiti performances that creates a unique ‘ urban’ edge to delivering your message.

Zest Events International will deliver you from #cringe and work with you to plan, design and deliver a truly memorable graffiti artwork project that not only delivers a message, but is a beautiful piece of artwork.


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