Competing for the attention of event participants and delegates at large scale conferences & exhibitions can often be challenging.  The solution is to use art to attract people to your space.  Interactive art can lend a helping hand in breaking down the barrier to approach potential sales leads & help pave the way to meaningful conversations.

3d hole in the ground salesforce

Maximising your exhibition stand involves not only creating a visually attractive stand, it’s about engaging with visitors and standing out from your competitors.

Here are a few ways you can use art at your stand to make your point of difference:

1.  Entertain! Using Live Art can be a successful way to get customers to your stand & watch professionals create wonderful backdrops to your stand. As the artist works on the piece during the show, customers tend to be attracted back to your stand to see the progression of the artwork. Couple this with the use of social media and you have reached a far greater audience.

painting of cyclists

2.  Get people involved in your stand. By creating a 3D artwork, creating a photo opportunity and/or incorporating augmented reality delegates can interact with and be photographed in the artwork, share images and post them online and you will gain greater social media reach and word of mouth at your Combine the activity with a competition to collate data and connect with your guests post-event.

3. Draw people into your stand. Invite visitors to your stand to interact with artists to be part of the artwork, create their own artwork which they can take away with them, or participate in a ‘communal’ piece which can be exhibited on the stand. These methods are tried and tested to ensure your stand is remembered above others.

event guests chalk art mazda2

4.  Use art to make your stand spectacular! A stand with great design features can be more attractive than a gimmick – don’t focus solely on conveying information – bold colours and beautiful artwork may be just the thing that draws people to you.

gay pride mural

Making the most of your exhibition stand is not only about attracting visitors, but ensuring a smooth path to interacting with them once they are there is a key component on standing out from the crowd.

Zest’s team are well versed in creating 3D artworks,  trick art murals, augmented reality and interactive activities that can shape your exhibition stand into connections and plenty of new business leads.

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