Zest Events International Artists Jenny McCracken and Anton Pulvirenti have travelled to the US to take part in the International Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida where hundreds of pavement artists turn the road surface into a “museum in motion”. The theme for the Festival was ‘Love & Peace’, timely given the circumstances in the US.

McCracken is Australia’s most highly awarded pavement artist, last year she took out 1
st place at the World Street Painting Festival in the Netherlands.  Pulvirenti too, has won many awards for his work.  Both are accomplished painters and also exhibit their work in galleries and private collections.

‘The Love http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/cialis_generic.html Machine’ is the Australian duo’s latest anamorphic street artwork.  It took 6 days to complete and measures 12m long x 7m wide. The reverse image shows the distortion required to create anamorphic perspective / 3d illusion.

Artist Statement: The Love Machine is an entertaining exploration of the fickle nature of humanity’s love for animals.  Where we draw the line between ‘love for’ and ‘usefulness of’ any animal, according to the species, is a factor of luck, habit, and geography, from the animal’s point of view. The Love Machine depicts the gamble every animal takes as it comes into contact with Humans, and our ‘love’ for animals.

The artists return to Australia 16 November and will begin preparations for projects in Kuwait, Dubai and work on home shores.

The artists are represented by Andi Mether, Creative Producer, Zest Events International. The team creates tailored concepts, activities and activations designed to entertain, engage and deliver commercial and social outcomes

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