“The Blocktagon”, the new season of Channel 9’s The Block is back and Zest Events International has been called upon to give Scotty Cam’s HQ a makeover.

Check out time-lapse footage of the creation of the Blocktagon artwork!

Zest was commissioned to create the centrepiece of the Sunday night room reveals at Scotty’s HQ.  While contestants listen to the feedback and scores from the judges they stand on what appears to be concrete blocks amidst a construction site, with exposed beams and pipes.  They are in fact standing on a 3D street painting, a playful piece that will no doubt play tricks with the viewer’s eyes as they decide http://healthsavy.com/product/valtrex/ what is real and what is not.

The work, created by Zest artists Joe Blanck, Jenny McCracken & Jai Hallam and project managed by Andi Mether was devised in conjunction with the show’s production team where the brief was to create a virtual construction site for contestants to interact with.

The Octagon shape of the artwork mimics the iconic Hotel Saville being renovated by the contestants. The project took 5 days to complete.

The Blocktagon’s incredible 3D artwork can be seen Sunday nights.  We’re excited to see it and hope you are too!

Want to see more 3D artworks? Check out our portfolio and contact us for further info.


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