It’s often when we’re working overseas that we get to trial new ideas to bring back home.  Winter of 2017 saw Rudy Kistler in Japan, exhibiting 3d anamorphic artworks at MDP Gallery in Tokyo before travelling to Olney, Illinois to create a massive 50m wide x 6m high street art mural.  He’s currently working on a roof top mural for an aged care facility in Nagasaki, Japan.

Paper, Scissors, Rock 3D artwork by Rudy Kistle

Top: Rudy Kistler plays ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ at MDP Gallery, Tokyo

Below: “Flight of the bumblebees” Mural created in Rudy’s hometown of Olney Illinois.

Flight of the bumblebees mural by Rudy Kistler

Jenny McCracken travelled to Europe to be the guest artist at festivals in Germany and Denmark before heading to the Netherlands for the World Street Painting Festival. While there she completed two street art murals in Arnhem for Burgers’ Zoo and the City of Arnhem.

3D chalk artwork for World Street Painting Festival, Brande

Top: 3D pavement artists Leon Keer, Jenny McCracken, Massina & Gregor Wosik created this MEGA 3D street painting in Brande, Denmark.

Below: Permanent mural created by Jenny McCracken for the manatee exhibit at Burgers Zoo.

Permanent mural for Manatee exhibit Arnhem by Jenny McCracken

Permanent mural for Manatee exhibit Arnhem by Jenny McCracken

Plastic Poseidon 3D chalk artwork by Jenny McCracken

Above: Jenny McCracken poses with Plastic Poseidon 3D chalk artwork at the International Street Painting Festival, Arnhem

Andi Mether worked alongside international organisers in the town of Brande, Denmark and at the World Street Painting Festival in Arnhem, Netherlands.  Andi is the Founder of Chalk Urban Art Festival and Chalk The Walk in Australia. She was able to share her expertise with international counterparts, collaborating on ideas and also had the opportunity to run masterclass workshops. Following the festival circuit Andi worked with Jenny McCracken to create commission works for the world class Burgers’ Zoo and the City of Arnhem.

World Street Painting Festival artists and masterclass students pose in Leon Keers iceberg artwork.

Top: World Street Painting artists and students of the 3D masterclass pose on Leon Keer’s anamorphic artwork in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Below: M.D. Andi Mether flexed her street painting muscles to help Jenny McCracken create this 3D illusion at Arnhem’s Burgers Zoo.

3D chalk art for manatee exhibit by Jenny McCracken

Anton Pulvirenti’s exhibition of new work was a great success at the REDSEA Gallery in Singapore.  The works feature anthropomorphic figures – a mix of man and beast – which relate to the complex nature of the migrant experience in Australia.  This series of works began 8 years ago with Anton exploring the history of his Italian grandfather and other family members arriving in Australia.  Look out for new works of art for sale by Anton and other Zest Artists coming soon to our online store.

Anton Pulvirenti special exhibition charcoal drawings

Top: Exhibition of special works by Anton Pulvirenti at Singapore’s REDSEA Gallery.

Below: The Guardians, charcoal on paper by Anton Pulvirenti.

The Guardians charcoal drawing by Anton Pulvirenti

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